Artist Statement

I develop choreographic structures that create space for social commentary and then work to build dynamic emotional and physical trajectories to support those structures. Using a process of trial and error,  I build an experimental environment in rehearsal and extract source material that feels resonant and powerful. I then integrate the information from that movement research into choreography. 


I often make dance that investigates human relationships, as I am interested in the ways that people try and fail to communicate. I aim to make dance that is accessible and experiential for audiences while simultaneously being enjoyable for those who are performing it. More and more, my work is rooted in intersectional feminist thinking. 

My overarching artistic practice goals are to prioritize work that supports independent artist viability, and to engage audiences in critical thinking around dance. I aim to create and participate in projects that initiate and continue important societal conversations, to increase inclusivity and accessibility levels of all of the projects that I am involved in, and to create and share resources as broadly as possible with other independent artists.