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Scroll for a sampling of my published work. 


Murmurations Dance Artistic Director Nicole Dagesse believes that everyone has a story connected to birth – we were all born, after all. Dagesse’s site-specific work, “Birthing Bodies,” features a group of five women – all mothers – engaging with their own physical memories of giving birth, their emotional experiences as caregivers and their family lineages of motherhood. Read on.

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❓INCREASING ACCESSIBILITY: What do coffee tasting notes actually mean? ⁠ If you've ordered a bag of Little Waves Coffee, you know that we list tasting notes on the front of the bag. But what do they really mean? If the bag says "Strawberry Shortcake," will your coffee taste like cake? Well, yes and no! 🍰⁠ Read on


Seventeen weeks into staying at home, social distancing, Zoom calls, online workouts, and the general dissolution of time, the day-to-day reality of our lives can feel pretty bland. Read on.  


Food obsession often leads to weight gain, but in the case of local food blogger Scott Koeneman, it did just the opposite. 

Perhaps better known by his moniker and the title of his blog, "Fight the Fat Foodie," Koeneman's food obsession developed in response to a desire to improve his health. Read on

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During the October 5th performance at Chapel Hill’s Memorial Hall, zoe | juniper’s Clear & Sweet presented a highly specific answer to the question, “ What do we consider sacred?” Read on


Tracy McCabe is either an artist with business knowhow or a businessman with a love for the arts – but it depends on who you ask. Read on.

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